Convert sas7bdat into WPD



  • Sebastia Barcelo

    Hi Paulo,

    if you only want to use the sas7bdat datasets, you can simply define your library as sas7bdat:

    libname sasddbb sas7bdat "&path.";
    data XXX;
    set sasddbb.XXX;

    If you want to convert a full sas7bdat to wpd, you can do it using the following code:

    libname sasddbb sas7bdat "&path1.";
    libname wpdddbb "&path2.";

    proc datasets library=sasddbb ;
    copy in= sasddbb out=wpdddbb ;

    I hope this can help you.

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  • Stephen Farish

    Hi Paulo

    It's very easy, and I do this often - notice the physical locations I am using and the filenames...

    libname s sas7bdat 'D:\scratch';
    libname w wpd 'D:\scratch';
    data w.mydata; set s.mydata; run;

    WPS seems to differentiate the databases in the same physical folder according to their type (SAS or WPS) and doesn't get confused. The works both ways by the way, SAS --> WPS or WPS --> SAS

    So in the above example by Sebastio, the &path can be the same
    Of course, it also works if the locations differ and the filenames differ, I just wanted to show that you can keep your data in one place, and have "parallel" WPS and SAS databases of the same name in that place as well.

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